Reveal : Who


At Reveal Architecture, you will find a team of excellent listeners, creative problem solvers, and skilled designers. We are proud to bring our high levels of technical proficiency and experience in construction methods and materials to your project. Founder and principal, architect Liz Dexter, works closely with each client to craft beautiful solutions to everyday problems. Having begun her career working with the top-notch local design firms Boora and TVA Architects, Liz brings nearly 20 years of experience to the table - thirteen of which have focused exclusively on residential projects. She and her team thoughtfully design and detail all components of a new home, remodel or addition, with a special emphasis on interior design, which is fully integrated into the building planning from the outset. From early planning through the entire construction process, Reveal Architecture has brought a breadth of wisdom and experience to residential projects since 1997.

Working together with Michael Gregg of Atomic Sky, who shares our studio (, we can provide expertly rendered three-dimensional models to help our clients envision our designs and respond in a real way throughout the process. Remarkably realistic and detailed, these models have become an invaluable tool for developing and conveying design ideas.



Our goal for every project is to create timeless, inspired architecture that is respectful of its surroundings and captures the advantages of its site. Each project is unique and highly responsive to our client's specific needs, desires and budgets.


A member of the US Green Building Council, Cascadia Chapter, Reveal Architecture is committed to implementing suitable sustainable strategies on every project. Some of the best approaches to green building are quite simple, and add little or no cost to a project's budget. However, these approaches can greatly extend the life of a home, add comfort for its inhabitants, and save energy. A graduate of the rigorous Sustainable Homes Professional Certification Program, through Earth Advantage, Liz and LEED AP certified team members are equipped to deliver homes that are appropriate to your goals - from a straightforward level of comfort and practical improvements in terms of energy efficiency and durability, to a LEED-certified net-zero home. Our team can help you make sense of the multitude of choices available in the green building industry, to ensure you end up with a beautiful, intelligent, sustainable residence that fulfills your vision of home.